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Welcome to 180 Degrees North, LLC


We are the Leading Professional Development, Business Protocol and Social Etiquette Company for corporate, business, and social development and children’s etiquette programs and seminars.  In this economic environment the competition is tough to win the contract, move up in your career, or keep your current position.  Corporations and organizations expect the best from their talent.  180 Degrees, North LLC was designed to enhance confidence, assist corporations and individuals in building their professional brand, build professional soft skills, and provide business and social etiquette for businesses and individuals who want to excel in life.  Corporations, diverse-owned businesses, business professionals, entrepreneurs, young adults, non-profit organizations, educational institutions who want to eliminate professional and social challenges are our market.

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We move businesses forward by serving corporations, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations interested in increased profit margins, business growth, and shareholder success by partnering with your organization as you invest in your leadership and top talent.  Human capital is your most valuable asset and we help develop those assets.



We move small-, minority-, and women-owned businesses forward by assisting you in the development of your value proposition to win new relationships.  We help you grow those relationships.



We move careers forward
by assisting business professionals in accelerating their career path to improve soft skills, refine business etiquette skills, and help you develop a roadmap to career success.



We move social relationships forward by providing tutorial courses, one-on-one sessions and seminars for individuals; families; parents, teen and young adult organizations; and educational institutions to develop confidence and polished social skills for adults, teens and children

We offer a Training Syllabus to cover some of the following areas:

-Lasting Impressions
-Social dining
-Savvy Socializing



"With my corporate experience and certification in business and social etiquette, I am uniquely qualified to provide individuals with invaluable professional leadership and improved social skills that will enable them to achieve their personal and professional goals. My experience in working in a corporate environment for over two decades and leading supplier diversity programs for large corporations supports my goal of providing professional development, business solutions, and etiquette training to my clients. I have been blessed with meeting great executives who became my mentors and sponsors along the way, and I want to impart my knowledge to others in the form of professional development, business protocol, and social etiquette training."
Adriene K. Bruce, Founder, President & CEO, 180 Degrees North, LLC